Company Overview

  • Major global regulators have made it clear their intent is to regulate this marketplace, not shut it down.
  • The cryptocurrency markets represent less than 1% of the entire global economy, paving the way for exponential growth, similar to the rise of the dot com/internet era.
  • Company leadership possesses the hindsight from the rise of the dot com/internet era to take advantage of new opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls.
  • Major global financial and technology institutions are investing in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency projects and exchanges.
  • BlockQuake™ will be operating globally including the regions or countries with the largest markets, allowing for stability in liquidity in the long term.
  • Institutional partnerships are being explored to be a liquidity provider.
  • The BlockQuake™ team has more diversified experience in data management, traditional tech and finance as well as risk management and regulatory expertise than what currently exists in this space.
  • The Company seeks to create beneficial partnerships with key global financial and technology institutions to ensure its longevity and viability in this space.
  • Future projects will include investment research analysis, blockchain projects, tax franchising, amongst other revenue creating projects.

Executive Summary

BLOCKQUAKE Holdings LLC (BLOCKQUAKE™) is a FinTech company formed in 2018 to address a need in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.  We intend to be a diversified company that initially will focus on the build out and development of a centralized cryptocurrency trading exchange platform.  Additionally, BLOCKQUAKE™ anticipates becoming a global leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities by rolling out future projects via the creation of multiple companies.  Some of these future companies and projects include but are not limited to the formation of a decentralized trading exchange and platform; a cryptocurrency bank via acquisition, joint venture or other partnership; a media conglomerate covering the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, a research and advisory firm assisting cryptocurrency traders; and a private equity venture capitalist arm to assist startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

The BLOCKQUAKE™ team includes advertising and marketing professionals, attorneys with local and global expertise, auditors and other certified public accountants, business development and other finance professionals, compliance and regulatory specialists; including expertise with Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC), cyber security and other technology, developers of trading exchanges/platforms, estate and trust administration, real estate professionals (i.e. engineers, land developers, land planners, etc.), website developers to highlight a few.  Collectively, we have hundreds of years of experience in building and developing trading exchanges/platforms and understanding the regulatory environments around the globe.  Compliance is at the forefront of our minds because of our corporate experiences.  We have familiarity with regulatory issues and how to address them including those impacting the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

BLOCKQUAKE™ aims to be the one stop shop for cryptocurrency traders, providing them with better layers of security for both login and withdrawal of their digital assets above and beyond what currently exists by combining the best features, as well as giving them more options to trade between by integrating wallets from the top exchanges into our platform.  We will offer hundreds of alt coins with real time pricing driven by connecting with other exchanges to keep markets liquid. We will offer additional base cryptos to give the customer more choices and less obstacles to get through as they attempt to move between various digital assets and fiat currencies.  Furthermore, we plan on partnering with a leader in the industry who has already begun working towards solving the current liquidity issues relating to digital assets.

BLOCKQUAKE™ will support investors on the sidelines who are not currently invested in crypto assets.  A main focal point of BLOCKQUAKE™ is the ability to offer accounts to non-individual entities such as corporate entities.  Corporate entities include major financial institutions that are not only looking for access to trading but also need to be reassured they can liquate their crypto assets when they want.  The partnerships we forge in the present and future will go a long way in helping to solve existing liquidity issues.

The BLOCKQUAKE™ team has developed a road map in understanding the thoughts of governments around the world; which helps us to strategize a game plan in meeting and working with regulators in the United States and across the globe.  Our team is ready to meet with regulators outside the United States to ensure we have easy entry into their marketplaces so their citizens can open an account on the BLOCKQUAKE™ trading platform.  As it relates to the United States, some of our team members have already begun conversations with regulators.