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*Disclaimer/Disclosure:  The trading platform/digital asset/cryptocurrency exchange will be operated globally under BlockQuake Markets, Ltd. BlockQuake Markets, Ltd. and any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or parent entities, while pursuing various regulatory approvals and licenses, is not currently licensed or approved by any regulatory bodies. The regulatory status of digital assets, tokens, and blockchain technology is still unclear or unsettled in many jurisdictions. As such, the Company cannot make any warranties around whether a specific digital asset that might be listed on our trading platform is or will be considered a regulated instrument by pre-registrants/subscriber’s applicable jurisdiction, and by extension, require either the pre-registrant/subscriber and/or the Company to meet certain requirements related to the trading of specific digital assets and be required to register, obtain any approvals or licenses, or provide reporting to the respective jurisdictions based on said potential requirements. It is the responsibility of the pre-registrant/subscriber to make a determination on whether they should or are allowed to proceed in using any digital asset exchange or trading platform and whether they should or are allowed to trade particular digital assets, cryptocurrencies, or other available instruments on the trading platform.