A regulatory driven cryptocurrency exchange built on trust and transparency.

BlockQuake™ is a Fintech Company, aiming to be the NASDAQ/NYSE of cryptocurrency/digital asset exchanges through its first line of business.

BlockQuake™ aims to be the industry standard amongst exchanges for global regulatory compliance and transparency.

The First Major Global Exchange to:
  • Truly tackle decoupling with multiple base cryptocurrencies with multiple fiats paired up against hundreds of cryptocurrencies.
  • Accept retirement & other trust and corporate accounts.
  • Be regulatory proactive.
  • Be truly scalable and sustainable for a rapidly growing market.

Security & Safety

We will utilize already proven security protocols from traditional financial markets and proven cold storage solutions

Performance & Stability

Ability to dynamically increase the load capacity in order to handle millions of transactions per second during peak trading

Speed & Accessibility

Institutions will have the ability to plug directly into the exchange for much faster execution times


Secure Transaction Platform


High Speed Low Cost

Super fast order execution, competitive spreads, and access to high liquidity orderbooks for top currency pairs.


Protection From Hacking

High grade protection against attacks, data encryption where necessary and required, and compliance with various security and privacy standards for customer data protection.


Legal Compliance

Will be proactively reaching out to regulators and financial industry experts, self-report as well as seek applicable licenses.

This isn't just the next evolution in digital asset and cryptocurrency trading,
this is a revolution, bringing about necessary change through intentional disruption.

The BlockQuake™ Team collectively has over 100 years of professional experience with many major global institutions including the following: